Meet Winston

Full Name: Winston Trevor Thomas

Age: 8

About Winston
Winston is an 8-year-old boy who likes to imagine himself as braver than he actually is. He loves to play basketball, video games, and eat icees and Callaloo, but is mainly interested in art and learning about different cultures, mainly for the food. He hates it when people call him “Winnie” unless it’s his mom or aunt.

Winston has an active imagination and sometimes his fears get the best of him, especially in the dark. He likes the ideal of adventure and will often suggest things without thinking them all the way through.

Reading, cookies, ice cream, ginger ale, basketball, traveling, roti, dogs, pizza, french fries, tacos, doubles, jerk chicken, Video games, dinosaurs, trucks, honey, learning about cultures around the world, Dancing, pepper sauce, riding the magical subway train.

Spiders, bugs, mosquito bites, cauliflower, banana chips, pears, ties, loud noises, clowns, being in the dark, cashews.

When he grows up
He wants to be an archaeologist or an ice cream flavor inventor