Meet Marisol

Full Name: Maria “Marisol” Martinez

About Marisol:
Marisol is 8 years old. She is brave, smart, logical, and scrappy. Her real name is Maria, but everyone calls her by her middle name “Marisol”. She is a tomboy who loves exercise and enjoys playing multiple sports including baseball, basketball, soccer, and flag football. She never seems to be at a loss for energy although she has Asthma.

Favorite Color: Brown

Likes: Sports, Bugs, ladybugs, butterflies, caterpillars, Fruit and Veggies, pistachio ice cream, dancing, yoga, climbing trees, parks, riding her bike, calling winston “Winnie” and watching him get annoyed.

dislikes: Skirts, dresses, centipedes, okra, garlic, high heels, makeup, opera, mustard, mayonnaise, coleslaw, socks, the word “fuschia”, cauliflower, lipstick.

When She Grows up:
Marisol wants to be the First female quarterback in the NFL or an Entomologist (one who studies bugs)