Callaloo: The Legend of The Golden Coqui


Callaloo: The Legend of The Golden Coqui (2016)

The second book in the Callaloo book series. “Callaloo: The Legend of the Golden Coqui” follows Winston and his friend Marisol as they visit Puerto Rico to unlock the mystery surrounding an old family heirloom.




Winston is visiting his friend Marisol and her abuela on a chilly morning in New York to help her decorate for the holidays when Marisol’s abuela pulls out one half of a golden coqui statue. The children are mesmerized when abuela tells them the story behind the statue. The golden coqui is said to trapped deep in Puerto Rico’s rain forest and legend has it that only one person can free the coqui by singing the coqui song to break the spell cast by the villainous chupacabra. As abuela sends them on an errand to get some extra ingredients for dinner, Winston and Marisol decide to go to Puerto Rico and break the spell. Will the duo be able to find the golden coqui and break the spell in time for dinner, or will their plans be derailed by the chupacabra? All aboard the magical subway train for an adventure like no other!